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Taking Care Of Your Day, So You Can Enjoy It 

Cyndy Benitez - CEO/Owner

Hi! My name is Cyndy and I am the owner of Simply Married. I started this business as an officiant, and quickly fell in love with the wedding industry. I am dog mom, boy mom, TWIN MOM, step-mom, and wife. I organize and coordinate my household everyday, and realized I AM GOOD AT WHAT I DO. Planning and coordinating events to ensure they go smoothly. My attention to detail and organizational skills stem from my natural inclination towards being OCD. Whether you are needing an officiant or full service planning, we treat all couples with the highest priority. I've been with my partner for 10 years, and am so blessed to experience life with my best friend, and hope every couple I encounter gets to experience that. When you choose Simply Married as your wedding day bestie our motto is simple: Let us take care of your day, so you can simply enjoy it!

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